Unlocking the Potential: iPadOS 17 Turns Your iPad into a Versatile Monitor


The recent launch of iPadOS 17 comes with a groundbreaking feature that transforms any iPad equipped with a USB-C charging port into a versatile monitor. This innovation allows you to connect devices that output video via HDMI, eliminating the need to rely on subpar hotel or Airbnb TVs while traveling. Even if you're not a frequent traveler, your second-screen experience is set to greatly improve.

In response to this development, several apps have swiftly emerged, enabling you to connect various devices such as your Nintendo Switch's dock, a PS5, or even a PC to your iPad. One such app is the charming and retro-styled Orion by Lux, available as a free download. To complete the setup, you'll require an HDMI-to-USB-C capture card, with Lux recommending a budget-friendly $14.99 model. Once your console or computer is connected to your iPad, just as you would with a TV, you're good to go. For instance, I successfully tested this setup using Genki's Shadowcast USB-C capture card with my Sega Dreamcast, incorporating a third-party HDMI solution.

Although the Orion app offers free functionality, a premium $4.99 version is available, offering additional features like AI-powered 4K upscaling, enhanced picture settings, and a CRT filter that replicates nostalgic visual fuzz on your iPad's display.

It's worth noting that iPadOS 17's support for USB video class (UVC) extends beyond capture cards. You can also connect peripherals like webcams to iPads featuring a USB-C charging port, expanding their usability and versatility. As technology continues to advance, the iPad is evolving into an even more powerful and adaptable tool for various applications.

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