Apple's 2024 iPad Pro Upgrade: Potential 4TB Storage and More

In 2024, Apple may offer OLED iPad Pro models with a rumored 4TB storage option, though the source is unverified. This potential upgrade aligns with increased demands for storage and video capabilities, with accompanying RAM adjustments. These refreshed iPad Pros, featuring M3 Apple silicon chips and OLED displays, represent a substantial product update since 2018.

Apple is rumored to be introducing significant upgrades to its iPad Pro lineup in 2024, with a focus on storage capacity and performance improvements. According to an unverified report originating from Asia, Apple plans to offer next year's OLED iPad Pro models with a massive 4TB storage option. Currently, the highest storage capacity available for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models is 2TB. The source of this rumor is a blog account called "yeux1122" on the Korean Naver platform, known for its mixed track record regarding accuracy. Therefore, it's essential to approach this claim with caution. Nevertheless, the idea of Apple increasing the storage for its next-generation iPad Pros is not entirely implausible. Apple had introduced a 2TB storage option with the previous fifth-generation iPad Pro. Still, the current sixth-generation models have added support for ProRes video recording up to 4K at 30fps, raising the need for larger storage capacities. If Apple indeed opts for 4TB as the maximum storage option, it would likely raise the base storage to 256GB, maintaining a range of five storage capacity categories. This move would ensure that all seventh-generation models can handle ProRes video recording in 4K at 30fps. Additionally, the RAM in iPad Pro models is variable based on storage capacity. Models with 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage come with 8GB of RAM, while those with 1TB or 2TB of storage feature 16GB of RAM. If Apple introduces a 4TB iPad Pro, it's uncertain whether it would come with 24GB or 32GB of RAM, but the latter is not out of the realm of possibility. As for the release timeline, the first OLED iPad Pro models are expected in 2024, with mass production reportedly starting at the beginning of the year. Alongside these revamped iPad Pros, Apple is said to be planning a refreshed version of the Magic Keyboard. This updated keyboard is rumored to feature a larger trackpad and an aluminum top case, giving the iPad Pro a more laptop-like appearance compared to the current model. These upcoming iPad Pro models represent the most substantial update to the product line since 2018. They are anticipated to feature the M3 Apple silicon chip, OLED displays, and slightly larger size options of 11- and 13-inches. While the specific details of these improvements remain uncertain, Apple's commitment to enhancing the iPad Pro's storage and performance capabilities is apparent.


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