Unlocking New Possibilities: Lux's Orion Video System Turns Your iPad into an HDMI Monitor

Luxs Orion Video System turns your USB-C iPad into an HDMI monitor. Its versatile for photography, video capture, PC/Mac output, and gaming. Free with optional $5 Pro features.

Lux, the creator of the popular Halide Camera app, has introduced an exciting addition to their lineup with the new HDMI monitor software for iPad called the Orion Video System.

Orion is a complimentary application that can convert a USB-C equipped iPad into a dedicated HDMI monitor, requiring only a simple dongle. This innovative tool opens up a realm of possibilities reminiscent of a bygone era, perhaps with The Cure's music playing on an FM radio.

Orion serves as a versatile tool, transforming your iPad into an external monitor for photography and video capture, as well as facilitating Mac/PC/HDMI accessory output and compatibility with gaming consoles. The app conveniently offers recommendations for compatible capture cards but also functions seamlessly with any suitable capture card. Moreover, you can explore a demo of the app without the need for extra hardware.

The best part? Orion is available for free with no intrusive ads or tracking, crafted with genuine passion. For those looking to enhance their experience and support the project, an optional $5 in-app purchase unlocks the Orion Pro feature set, including AI-powered 4K upscaling, CRT emulation, and picture adjustment.

You can grab Orion for iPad on the App Store today, and delve deeper into its capabilities on the official website.

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