Xbox Game Pass Welcomes Lies of P and More for Late September and Early October

Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass additions for late September and early October, featuring Lies of P and more. Seven titles, including Outriders, are leaving the service by September 30.

Microsoft has unveiled its lineup of games set to join Xbox Game Pass for the remainder of September and the early weeks of October. While the offerings may not be blockbuster hits, there are still some intriguing titles to add to your gaming collection.

To kick things off, Lies of P, a gritty Soulslike adventure developed by South Korean studios Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, is now available for download on Xbox consoles. This was initially announced as a day-one addition to Xbox Game Pass, and now that the game has officially launched, you can dive right into it. However, that's all for the immediate options, as the rest of the upcoming games will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

For fans of physics-based brawlers, Party Animals will become accessible on September 20, followed by Payday 3, a first-person bank heist shooter, arriving on September 21. Adventure enthusiasts can look forward to Cocoon, a puzzler designed by the lead gameplay designer of atmospheric platformers Inside and Limbo, which is scheduled for release on September 29. September's lineup concludes with the superhero brawler Gotham Knights and The Lamplighter’s League, a turn-based strategy game from Harebrained Schemes, both arriving on October 3.

While this influx of titles is exciting, it's worth noting that several games will be leaving the platform soon. Seven games are set to exit the service on September 30, including the 2D side-scrolling Soulslike Moonscars, the live-service shooter Outriders, the action-RPG Weird West, and a few others. It's time to bid them farewell.

In summary, here's a breakdown of the Xbox Game Pass games that are joining and departing:


Lies of P

Party Animals

Payday 3


Gotham Knights

The Lamplighter’s League

Departing (as of September 30):



Weird West

and more.

If you're a subscriber or considering joining, it's an exciting time for Xbox Game Pass with a variety of games to suit different tastes.

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