Xbox Game Pass Update: Seven Titles Leaving, Discounts Available

Microsoft is removing seven games from Xbox Game Pass on September 30, but players can buy them at a 20% discount. New additions include Lies of P and Party Animals. More announcements expected at Tokyo Game Show. Xbox Game Pass Core launched with 36 titles, with future additions to come.

Microsoft is set to bid farewell to another batch of titles from the Xbox Game Pass library on September 30, a routine occurrence happening twice each month. Gamers will need to say goodbye to seven titles spanning console, PC, and cloud platforms, namely Outriders, Prodeus, Weird West, Moonscars, Last Call BBS, Despot's Game, and Beacon Pines. However, there's a silver lining for those unwilling to part ways with these games, as they can be purchased at a discounted rate, with a 20% price reduction.

Despite these departures, the Game Pass roster has seen recent additions, including the Souls-like Pinocchio adventure game, Lies of P, and the quirky battle royale title, Party Animals, available since September 20. Furthermore, Payday 3 has joined Game Pass on September 21, while gamers can anticipate the arrival of Gotham Knights on October 3.

This wave of removals follows the elimination of nine titles from the catalog on September 15, bringing the total count of games removed in September to 16. While this might seem like a significant loss, it's worth noting that September wasn't expected to be a blockbuster month for Game Pass in terms of volume, primarily due to the release of Microsoft's highly anticipated title, Starfield.

There may still be some surprises in store for the remainder of September, as Microsoft has teased upcoming Game Pass announcements during its Tokyo Game Show event on September 21.

In other news, the newly launched Xbox Game Pass Core boasts a lineup of 36 titles. While Microsoft plans to augment the catalog 2-3 times per year, no new additions have been disclosed as of now.

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