Woman Trapped in Outhouse Toilet While Retrieving Lost Apple Watch

In Michigan, a woman got stuck in an outhouse toilet while trying to retrieve her lost Apple Watch. First responders rescued her, warning against attempting similar actions due to potential serious injuries.

In a rather peculiar incident in Treetops Village, Michigan, a local woman found herself in a rather unpleasant predicament when she voluntarily descended into a less-than-sanitary outhouse toilet to recover her misplaced Apple Watch. The incident unfolded at the Dixon Lake boat launch, prompting a call to first responders around 11 a.m. on a Tuesday, as reported by Michigan state police.

Upon arrival, authorities were met with the unexpected sound of a distressed woman trapped inside the crimson outhouse. Apparently, the woman had accidentally dropped her Apple Watch into the toilet bowl and, in an attempt to retrieve it, had become firmly wedged.

Swift action was taken by officers and emergency medical personnel. They extricated the entire toilet from the outhouse, deploying a hoisting strap to carefully free the woman from her unsavory confinement.

While it remains unclear whether the woman successfully reclaimed her cherished smartwatch, law enforcement issued a stern warning to dissuade others from emulating her daring feat. They cautioned against entering the confined space of an outhouse toilet to recover lost items, emphasizing the risk of severe injury.

State police issued a statement: "If you lose an item in an outhouse toilet, do not attempt to venture inside the containment area. Serious injury may occur."

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