Starfield's Surprising Stat: 25% of Players Skip First Mission

Bethesdas Starfield saw a successful launch, but 25% of players failed to complete the initial mission. Potential reasons include mods, Xbox Game Pass access, and achievement bugs.

Starfield, Bethesda's highly anticipated space exploration game, has been in the hands of players for some time now, and it's clear that the game has made a significant impact in the gaming world. With a universe comprising over 1,000 planets to explore, interactions with alien species, shipbuilding, outpost construction, exhilarating spaceship battles, and much more, Starfield promised an expansive and immersive experience for gamers.

The game enjoyed a tremendously successful launch, attracting over a million concurrent players on its very first day. Notably, Starfield even managed to surpass the record for concurrent players set by Bethesda's iconic title, Skyrim, on the Steam platform. However, beneath the surface of this achievement lies an intriguing statistic – a staggering 25% of players failed to complete the initial mission.

The opening mission, known as 'For All, Into the Starfield,' is essentially the gateway into the game's narrative. It is a relatively straightforward achievement that players typically acquire within the first 30 minutes of gameplay, following a brief tutorial and combat sequence. Surprisingly, Xbox achievement data reveals that only 75% of players managed to unlock this early milestone. The reasons behind this discrepancy could vary, with one potential factor being the use of mods that might interfere with achievement unlocking.

Moreover, considering that Starfield is available on Xbox Game Pass, accessible to a massive player base of around 30 million subscribers, it's conceivable that a significant portion of gamers merely wanted to sample the game rather than fully engage with it. This could explain why a substantial number of players didn't progress beyond the introductory mission.

In contrast, the statistics for Steam achievements paint a different picture, with an 88% unlock rate for the 'For All, Into the Starfield' achievement. Steam players purchased the game outright, which suggests a greater commitment to exploring the game's intricacies, given their financial investment.

However, it's important to acknowledge reports of bugged Xbox achievements, which may have contributed to the low completion rate for the 'For All, Into the Starfield' achievement. Beyond this, only 56% of players have joined the constellation, and a mere 46% have reached level 5, indicating a reluctance among players to advance further in the game. Furthermore, just 31% of players have ventured into ship modifications, and a meager 2.5% have completed the game's main storyline.

It's crucial to remember that Starfield is a vast and intricate game, featuring extensive exploration opportunities and numerous engaging side quests. Players can easily become engrossed in planetary exploration before delving into the depths of outer space. With Starfield's diverse range of activities and gameplay options, it's entirely plausible that many players opted to chart their own course rather than adhering to the linear path of the initial mission.

As for the 25% of Starfield players who haven't completed the first mission, the reasons are multifaceted. Some may have encountered technical issues with achievements, while others may have approached the game with a more casual, exploratory mindset. Regardless of the statistics, it's still early days for Starfield, and the game's expansive universe offers countless possibilities for players to immerse themselves in their preferred playstyle.

In conclusion, the 25% of players who haven't completed Starfield's initial mission are a diverse group, influenced by factors such as mod usage, access through Xbox Game Pass, and potential achievement bugs. With the vastness of Starfield's universe and the freedom it offers, players are spoiled for choice, and many may be venturing off the beaten path. As the game continues to evolve and players uncover its hidden depths, the reasons behind this statistic may become clearer over time.


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