Glen Schofield Departs Striking Distance Studios Amid The Callisto Protocol's Challenges

Striking Distance Studios, co-founded by Glen Schofield of Dead Space fame, faces upheaval as Schofield, along with key executives, departs. The Callisto Protocols underwhelming performance contributed to this change. Steve Papoutsis assumes the role of CEO. Schofields next career move is now awaited.

Striking Distance Studios, the development studio co-founded by Glen Schofield, one of the creators of Dead Space and the director behind The Callisto Protocol, is undergoing a significant shakeup. Schofield, who served as CEO and played a pivotal role in establishing the studio in collaboration with publisher KRAFTON in 2019, has decided to step down. His departure, along with the simultaneous exits of Striking Distance's Chief Operating Officer Stacey Hirata and Chief Financial Officer Johnny Hsu, was confirmed by a KRAFTON representative. Notably, all three chose to leave the studio voluntarily.

This move follows reports, as per Bloomberg and IGN, that The Callisto Protocol, released in December 2022, fell short of sales expectations and failed to recoup its development costs. Despite generally positive feedback, it was noted that the game played it safe and struggled to distinguish itself from its spiritual predecessor. The release of the well-received Dead Space remake in late January 2023 may have further impacted The Callisto Protocol's performance.

In the wake of these departures, Steve Papoutsis, the General Manager and Chief Development Officer, is set to assume the role of CEO. Schofield, reflecting on his time at Striking Distance Studios, expressed pride in their accomplishments with The Callisto Protocol but acknowledged the bittersweet nature of his departure, assuring that the studio is in capable hands.

The future of Striking Distance Studios remains uncertain, with questions arising about its direction and potential projects. As for Glen Schofield, his next career move is eagerly anticipated, with industry observers keen to see where his expertise and creativity will lead him next.

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