Introducing the Xbox Mastercard: Earn Rewards for Your Gaming

Microsoft introduces the Xbox Mastercard, offering gamers points on purchases, personalized designs, and bonus perks like free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Available initially for Xbox Insider Program members.

Microsoft has unveiled its latest offering, the Xbox Mastercard, aimed at gamers and designed to enhance their gaming experience. This innovative card, born out of a collaboration between Microsoft and Barclays, comes with enticing perks for cardmembers.

Starting with the basics, cardholders can accumulate reward points with every purchase they make, which can subsequently be redeemed for games and add-ons in the Microsoft Store. The Xbox Mastercard is initially exclusive to members of the Xbox Insider Program in the United States, with the launch set for September 21. However, it will become available to all U.S.-based Xbox users next year.

For every dollar spent on regular purchases, users will earn one reward point. The real highlight, though, is the five points per dollar spent at the Microsoft Store. Additionally, the card offers three points per dollar on select streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ as well as dining platforms like Grubhub and DoorDash. Each reward point holds a value of one cent, meaning that even standard purchases can significantly contribute to the accumulation of points. For instance, spending $1,000 using the card translates to $10 worth of points for acquiring new games.

The card's aesthetic appeal is not to be overlooked, with five "iconic designs" available for users to choose from. Personalization options include adding your Xbox Gamertag. Moreover, the card is equipped for contactless payments and digital wallets, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Cardholders will also enjoy the added benefit of receiving their FICO credit score for free.

In terms of the financial aspect, the Xbox Mastercard offers varying APR rates, depending on the results of a credit check, ranging from 20.99% to 31.99%.

Microsoft sweetens the deal further by offering a 5,000-point bonus (equivalent to $50) after the first purchase with the card. Additionally, members will receive a complimentary three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upon using the Mastercard for the first time, which can even be transferred to a friend if the user is already a subscriber.

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