Honor V Purse: A Fashionable Foldable Phone or a Missed Opportunity?

The Honor V Purse, a foldable phone masquerading as a fashion accessory, falls short in practicality, missing the essence of a genuine purse. A missed opportunity for true innovation.

In the bustling world of technology, innovation knows no bounds. Each year, tech enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await events like IFA to catch a glimpse of the next big thing. In 2023, among the plethora of intriguing gadgets, one peculiar concept stole the spotlight – the Honor V Purse. This foldable phone, touted as a fashion accessory, intrigued many with its promise to merge the worlds of fashion and technology. However, upon closer inspection, it appears that this peculiar device might be less of a purse and more of a phone with an identity crisis. At first glance, the Honor V Purse seems to embody a compelling concept – a foldable phone with an external display, allowing both halves of its screen to be visible at all times. The idea behind it is intriguing; it's designed to be a bold fashion statement, letting users customize the content displayed on the screen to match their outfit or occasion. This unique feature sets it apart from conventional leather or fabric purses that lack such versatility. The inclusion of a shoulder chain as an accessory to carry the V Purse adds to its purse-like aesthetics. It's an interesting attempt to bridge the gap between fashion and technology. However, that's where the similarities end. The critical issue with the V Purse is its primary function – it's essentially just a phone. While it can facilitate payments, there's no room between the screens to accommodate typical purse essentials like makeup, keys, or other gadgets and accessories that one might carry around. In essence, it lacks the fundamental utility that defines a purse – the ability to hold and organize personal items. Moreover, the way the V Purse is intended to be carried is questionable from a security standpoint. Carrying a valuable smartphone in full view of everyone raises concerns about potential theft or damage, further highlighting its impracticality as a genuine purse replacement. The core purpose of a purse is its storage capacity, whether large or small, fashionable or plain. Without this fundamental function, it becomes a cumbersome accessory with no apparent purpose. In essence, the Honor V Purse can be summarized as a smartphone with a decorative chain. While the chain adds a purse-like touch, it's far from what defines a purse. Even the wallpaper themes designed to mimic purse aesthetics fail to transform it into a genuine fashion accessory. Imagine if Honor had taken a different approach, wrapping a foldable phone screen around a clutch-style purse. Such an innovative fusion of technology and fashion could have sparked intrigue and enthusiasm. It could have offered a practical solution for women seeking a tech-savvy purse for various occasions. To be clear, Honor is no stranger to technological prowess. In fact, their other phone, not a concept, received the Best Phone award at the Tom's Guide Best of IFA 2023 Awards. This highlights their capability to deliver groundbreaking devices. However, the introduction of a device that resembles a refurbished version of the Huawei Mate Xs, marketed as a purse, leaves many perplexed. Rather than being delightfully absurd, it appears to be a missed opportunity to create something genuinely unique. This brings us to a deeper concern – the recurring trend of tech companies launching products specifically marketed as "for" women, often saturated with pink and stereotypical design elements. These products often feel as though they were developed without genuine input from women, leading to a disconnect between what's offered and what's actually desired. While cultural differences may play a role, it's worth noting that Honor is an international company participating in a European tech show. The absence of genuine consultation with potential female users is a missed opportunity to create products that truly cater to their needs and preferences. Similar to 3D displays, smart fridges, and companies with names ending in "X," "lady tech" is a concept that periodically resurfaces, despite a lack of genuine demand. The market often proves that these gender-specific tech products fail to gain traction. In a somewhat reassuring twist, it's important to note that the Honor V Purse is, in fact, a concept device and not intended for sale. This realization is somewhat bittersweet, as it leaves us yearning for a more daring and innovative creation from Honor, one that goes beyond a stylish phone with a chain. Over the years, we've witnessed concept devices showcasing flexible displays integrated into various unconventional items – from retro-looking TVs to toasters and even smartwatches. Honor has demonstrated its capability for groundbreaking innovation, making the V Purse concept all the more perplexing. While the Honor V Purse may not be everyone's cup of tea, there's always hope for something more extraordinary at IFA 2024. In the meantime, you can explore our hands-on review of the Honor Magic V2, a foldable phone that truly exemplifies thoughtful design and innovation.


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