Honor CEO George Zhao Applauds Huawei's Smartphone Comeback

Honor CEO George Zhao welcomes Huaweis return to the smartphone market, emphasizing increased competitions positive impact. Honors latest Magic V2 side-folding phone highlights their commitment to innovation.

Recently, Honor introduced its latest innovation, the Magic V2 side-folding smartphone, which drew praise from its CEO, George Zhao, who expressed his delight at Huawei's reentry into the smartphone market. Zhao made these remarks during the sidelines of the IFA 2023 event. At a media conference, the Honor Chief was asked about Huawei, to which he responded by extending his congratulations to his former colleagues, stating, "Congratulations to my old colleagues; I am genuinely thrilled for them." He acknowledged that Huawei's return had injected renewed vigor into the mobile phone industry, sparking possibilities and excitement. Zhao emphasized that the competitive landscape had intensified, suggesting that this heightened competition was advantageous for the industry's growth and appeal. He cautioned against complacency and stressed that expecting competitors to be weak would ultimately weaken one's own position. In 2020, Huawei divested Honor to a Chinese business group, paving the way for Honor to reestablish partnerships with US companies like Qualcomm and Google. Consequently, Honor's latest smartphones come equipped with pre-installed GMS services and the latest Snapdragon chipsets. The brand has consistently unveiled new models featuring cutting-edge technologies, with the Magic V2 being the latest testament to their innovation. Zhao also shed light on the Honor V Purse, an outward-folding phone reminiscent of Huawei's Mate Xs 2. However, he asserted that the Honor V Purse boasted a slimmer and more compact design compared to its Huawei counterpart. Describing it as a fashion and lifestyle product, Zhao emphasized its unique appeal. Commenting on the rivalry between Honor and Huawei, Zhao noted that both brands now produce outward-folding phones, leading to inevitable comparisons between the two. Huawei and Honor, once close collaborators, have now become competitors following their separation. This underscores the significance of Huawei's resurgence in the smartphone industry as a formidable contender.


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