Apple's Exciting Annual Product Launch: iPhone 15 and More

Apples annual product launch, featuring the iPhone 15, is set to captivate audiences with prerecorded presentations. This year aims to revive iPhone sales, while other surprises may await.

Apple is gearing up for its most anticipated annual launch event, set to take place at its Cupertino, California headquarters this Tuesday. The tech giant is poised to unveil a slew of new hardware, with the highly anticipated iPhone 15 stealing the spotlight.

In a departure from traditional live presentations, Apple will treat viewers to a prerecorded video featuring top company executives, which will be accessible via YouTube and Apple's official website. This approach has become the norm since 2020, with last year's event clocking in at roughly an hour and a half.

Apple's product launches are pivotal moments for the company, generating immense excitement and laying the foundation for an aggressive marketing push as the crucial December sales quarter approaches. Impressively, the company's YouTube video from the previous year's launch drew an audience of 31 million, underscoring the enduring appeal of direct information from Apple.

This year, Apple has high hopes that its new iPhone lineup will reverse a recent sales dip, counter resurgent competition from Huawei, and tempt Android phone users into switching to iOS.

While Apple did unveil its forthcoming VR headset, the Vision Pro, in June with a planned release in 2024, any further updates on this product are expected to be deferred until next year. Typically, Apple reserves separate events for its Macs and iPads, having announced new iPads via a simple press release last year.

The invitation for this year's launch is adorned with the tagline "Wonderlust," though it remains unclear whether this provides any hint about the products to be revealed. CNBC will be providing live coverage of the event from Apple's headquarters, along with a live blog on

In the prior year, Apple's September event introduced new iPhones, Apple Watches, and updated AirPods. Let's take a sneak peek at what we can anticipate from this year's edition:

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