Xbox Series S Surprises as Top Choice with 75% Sales Share

In April 2022, Xbox Series S accounted for 75% of total Xbox Series sales due to Series X shortages and its appealing $299 price. The balance may have shifted in 2023 with Series Xs increased availability and the potential launch of an all-digital model.

In the latest FLuzala document leaks, revelations about Xbox Series X and S sales data have emerged, and the findings may catch some by surprise. According to reports cited by IGN, as of April 2022, Microsoft disclosed that the Xbox Series S accounted for a remarkable 75% of the total Xbox Series sales since their respective launches.

This statistic is quite substantial, especially for a console often criticized as "not next-gen." It underscores the advantages of Microsoft's strategy in simultaneously releasing two different consoles. More choices for Xbox customers have undoubtedly been a positive outcome.

The dominance of the Series S during this period can be attributed to various factors. Notably, the Series X was frequently in short supply due to high demand, making the Series S an attractive alternative, particularly in light of the pandemic, with its $299 price point.

One can't help but speculate whether the balance has shifted more towards the Series X's favor since then, especially as it has become more readily available in 2023. Additionally, the rumored launch of an all-digital model next year could further tip the scales in favor of the Xbox Series X.

What are your thoughts on this sales split? Are you surprised by the Series S's popularity? Share your opinions below.

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