Upgrade Your AirPods Pro: New USB-C Version Launching with Exciting Features

New AirPods Pro, featuring a USB-C charging case and enhanced durability, launch for $249.99 on September 22nd. Pre-order at Best Buy for a $50 discount. iOS 17 brings innovative features, including Adaptive Audio, Conversation Awareness, and Personalized Volume. Trade-ins can save you up to $80. Dont miss other AirPods discounts at Best Buy.

Are you considering an upgrade for your AirPods Pro? Good news! A brand-new version, equipped with a USB-C charging case, is set to launch on September 22nd, priced at $249.99. However, if you act now and pre-order them through Best Buy, you can enjoy a generous $50 discount.

The upcoming AirPods Pro iteration maintains the familiar design but ditches the Lightning cable in favor of a USB-C port on the charging case, aligning with the new iPhone 15 series. Notably, they also receive an IP54 rating, enhancing their durability by rendering them dust, sweat, and water-resistant, perfect for non-water sports and exercise enthusiasts.

With the recent unveiling of iOS 17, second-generation AirPods Pro owners, whether with USB-C or Lightning charging cases, gain access to Adaptive Audio. This smart feature automatically toggles between Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation based on the surrounding sound environment. Additionally, a novel Conversation Awareness feature senses when someone starts speaking and lowers the volume accordingly. Another innovation, Personalized Volume, utilizes machine learning to predict and adjust volume levels based on the user's preferences and habits.

In our review of the USB-C AirPods Pro, we affirm that they continue to offer exceptional active noise cancellation, a robust audio signature, and seamless integration with iOS devices, retaining their status as an Editors' Choice winner.

Furthermore, beyond the $50 discount, customers can save up to $80 by trading in a similar product. Best Buy also has attractive discounts on various other AirPods models. Here's a glimpse of what's available:

[List of discounted AirPods models]

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