Unlock the Wealth: Starfield's 9 Million Credit Glitch Revealed!

Discover a lucrative glitch in Starfield, allowing players to amass 9 million credits in an hour. DPJs video guide reveals the exploit at Stroud-Eklud Staryard station. Bethesdas games are known for such discoveries.

Experience financial prosperity in Starfield with a newfound glitch! Imagine going from being broke to having a whopping 9 million credits lining your pockets in just one hour. A clever player has stumbled upon a game bug that will revolutionize your spacefaring adventures.

Popular YouTuber DPJ divulged the secrets of this exploit in a video (kudos to GamesRadar). To embark on this wealth-generating journey, start your escapade in the Narion system and make your way to the Stroud-Eklud Staryard space station. Inside the station, concealed behind a stanchion, you'll discover a wall adorned with space travel equipment. With precise positioning, you can maneuver through the wall and navigate along the outer edges of the map's geometry. To excel in this endeavor, having the Boost Pack Training Skill is almost mandatory, granting you extended air time while leaping between wall edges. Your destination? A floating treasure chest, just beyond the map's bounds, concealing a generous 160,000 credits.

The brilliance of this method lies in its repeatability. Simply transport yourself to another planet from the Stroud-Eklud Staryard station and wait for six in-game hours. This action will reset the chest, bestowing another 160,000 credits upon you. In essence, it's a straightforward exploit if you possess the skill to navigate the outer fringes of the map effectively. For a step-by-step guide on the most efficient route, consult DPJ's video.

Bethesda's open-world games, including Starfield, have historically been a treasure trove for players seeking quick wealth through inventive exploits. Have you heard about the mesmerizing "magic mud puddle" that has proven to be an unexpectedly lucrative source for those looking to fill their coffers?

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