Unlock Professional iPhone Video Shooting with Blackmagic Camera App

Blackmagics free "Camera" app for iPhone offers professional manual video controls, replicating their camera interface. Compatible with DaVinci Resolve and more. Ideal for filmmakers and creators.

Blackmagic, the renowned company behind the popular video editing software DaVinci Resolve, has unveiled its latest offering – the "Blackmagic Camera" app for iPhone. What sets this app apart is its ability to provide users with comprehensive manual controls, transforming their iPhones into powerful tools for professional video shooting. The best part? It's absolutely free!

Blackmagic has ingeniously designed the Camera app to replicate the interface of its own high-end cameras, delivering a seamless and immersive experience for users. Whether you're a filmmaker or content creator, Blackmagic Camera empowers you to maximize the potential of your iPhone for video production.

With this app, users gain access to a plethora of manual settings, including shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and tint. The ability to switch between various lenses, frame-per-second options, stabilization levels, and focus adjustments adds to its versatility. The interface also provides recording parameters, a histogram, focus peaking, levels, and more.

One notable feature of the Blackmagic Camera is its unique capability to record 16:9 videos horizontally even when holding the phone vertically. Additionally, users can add metadata to simplify post-production tasks. For iPhone 15 Pro owners, the app seamlessly integrates with the new Log color profile.

As expected from a Blackmagic product, the Camera app seamlessly syncs with DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic Cloud, enabling direct video transfer. However, users can also save videos to their Photos app, share them on other platforms, or store them on external SSDs.

The Blackmagic Camera app is now available for free on the App Store, with compatibility requiring an iPhone XR or a newer model running iOS 16 or higher. Please note that certain features, such as the Log color profile, are exclusive to specific iPhone models due to hardware limitations. Elevate your iPhone videography game with Blackmagic Camera and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

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