Unlock Premium FT.com Access During Your Trial

During your trial, access FT.com with Standard or Premium Digital packages. Change plans anytime in "Settings & Account." Auto-enroll in Premium at $69/month or opt for annual payment.

During your trial, you will enjoy comprehensive digital access to FT.com, encompassing both our Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages.

Our Standard Digital package provides access to a vast array of global news, in-depth analysis, and expert opinions. Meanwhile, our Premium Digital package offers exclusive features such as access to our premier business column, Lex, along with 15 meticulously curated newsletters that delve into key business themes, featuring original, in-depth reporting. For a thorough comparison between Standard and Premium Digital, kindly click here.

Please note that you have the flexibility to modify your chosen plan at any point during your trial period by navigating to the "Settings & Account" section.

In the event that you take no action, you will be automatically enrolled in our Premium Digital monthly subscription plan, granting you unfettered access for a monthly fee of $69.

For cost-conscious subscribers, the option to change your plan remains available online within the "Settings & Account" section. Furthermore, if you wish to retain your premium access while enjoying a 20% savings, you can choose to pay annually at the conclusion of your trial.

It's important to highlight that any changes made to your subscription will take effect at the conclusion of the trial period, ensuring you maintain complete access for a further 4 weeks, even if you opt to downgrade or cancel, including the choice to switch to our robust Standard Digital offering. For a detailed comparison between Standard and Premium Digital, please visit our comparison page here.

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