Unconventional Starship Design Takes Starfield by Storm

In Starfield, unconventional ship design "Gate 2 Hell" gains attention as an AI-exploiting combat vessel. Its rectangular, center-less shape baffles enemies, earning it a unique place in the game.

In the world of Starfield, the highly anticipated space travel game, player experiences have been a mixed bag. While the vast menu-driven aspects of space exploration have left many players feeling disappointed and somewhat devoid of that sense of wonder, the game's space combat mechanics have emerged as a shining highlight. Alongside the capacity for custom ship-building, one player has taken it upon themselves to create what they claim to be the ultimate combat vessel, albeit with a rather unconventional appearance.

Taking to Reddit, a user going by the name ChaosVisionGames recently unveiled their creation to the gaming world - the "Gate 2 Hell." This custom spaceship, crafted using the in-game ship creation tools, sports a rather peculiar rectangular design, complete with a gaping hole in its center. At first glance, it may appear comical, but this unusual feature plays a pivotal role in the ship's defensive capabilities. Surprisingly, the player revealed that they allocate no reactor power to shields and only minimal power to the engines.

So, what makes this peculiar-looking ship seemingly unbeatable? According to its creator, it all comes down to how the enemy AI in Starfield tracks and attacks player ships. The Reddit post boldly asserts that since enemies target the center of mass, there's no need for shields or engine energy. An accompanying image shows multiple laser beams passing through the ship's center of mass, which happens to be an empty space, solidifying this unique strategy.

Other gamers who have laid eyes on the Gate 2 Hell appear just as amused by its unconventional design as they are by the ingenious exploitation of the AI's targeting system. The ship has garnered various endearing nicknames from fans, such as "imagine getting obliterated by a giant rectangle" and "Now face the wrath of the Donut!" While some anticipate that Bethesda may eventually introduce a workaround for this nearly untargetable, hole-in-the-middle ship design philosophy, many hope the developer lets it remain as is.

ChaosVisionGames even provided an update to the post, showcasing a modified version of the Gate 2 Hell with additional space for crew and cargo, yet retaining its signature empty-rectangle design. It's quite likely that more players will begin embracing this intriguingly minimalist ship design approach in the future.

In the ever-evolving world of Starfield, where unconventional strategies meet unconventional ship designs, the Gate 2 Hell stands as a testament to players' creativity and the unexpected quirks that can make a game truly memorable.

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