Tech Industry Updates: Amazon's Big Hire, Google's Legal Battle, and TSMC's Packaging Boost

Amazon poaches Microsoft's product chief. Google faces antitrust trial. TSMC plans packaging capacity boost. Microsoft's GitHub data breach. Novo Nordisk partners with Aspen for insulin. BeiGene and Novartis end cancer drug pact. Rocket Lab's mission trouble. GSK/Pfizer's HIV drug approved. AutoZone beats Q4 estimates. BP appoints interim finance head. MGM Resorts' New York casino licenses at risk. Google and DoD develop AI microscope for cancer. Apple challenged by Huawei in semiconductors. Google's Bard AI integrates with Gmail, Docs, YouTube. Starbucks faces fruit drink lawsuit.

Amazon has hired Microsoft's top product executive in preparation for its upcoming annual devices event. Google, on the other hand, faces legal scrutiny over allegations of manipulating ad auctions in an antitrust trial. Meanwhile, TSMC is considering increasing packaging capacity in Arizona to address ongoing semiconductor packaging challenges. Microsoft recently accidentally exposed sensitive information on GitHub, raising concerns about data security.

Novo Nordisk has partnered with South Africa-based Aspen to supply insulin to African countries. Chinese drugmaker BeiGene and Novartis have terminated their second cancer drug collaboration. Rocket Lab's 41st mission encountered technical issues. The European Commission has approved an HIV infection prevention drug supported by GSK and Pfizer.

AutoZone's Q4 earnings exceeded estimates, driven by strong performance in international stores. BP has appointed Kate Thomson as interim finance head. MGM Resorts may lose casino licenses in New York City due to a bookie scandal. Google and the Department of Defense are collaborating on an AI-powered microscope to identify cancer.

Apple faces increased competition from resurgent Huawei amid a breakthrough in semiconductor technology. Google's Bard AI chatbot is becoming more intelligent with integration into Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube. Starbucks is embroiled in controversy, facing a lawsuit over 'fruit' drinks lacking actual fruit content.

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