Starfield Soars Past 10 Million Players, Setting Records

Starfield, Bethesdas game, has achieved 10 million players, marking substantial growth since its initial 6 million player milestone. Exclusive to Xbox, its expected to offset potential losses.

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios' highly anticipated title, has reached a significant milestone, surpassing 10 million players. This achievement follows its initial success, where it garnered 6 million players by September 7, making it the largest launch in Bethesda's history.

However, it's worth noting that Bethesda and Microsoft had not disclosed their expectations for player numbers or specific timelines. Furthermore, distinguishing between copies sold and Game Pass memberships remains unclear.

Nonetheless, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer remains confident that Starfield will be a profitable venture. The game is exclusively available on Xbox consoles, potentially resulting in lost sales on other platforms. To mitigate this, Xbox finance boss Tim Stuart had previously estimated that Starfield could have sold 10 million copies on PlayStation, while also driving Game Pass subscriptions and console sales.

Starfield's future looks promising, with plans for a story expansion called "Shattered Space" and ongoing updates. These updates will introduce features like DLSS support and an FOV slider, enhancing the gaming experience. Moreover, built-in modding support for Starfield is expected to roll out in 2024.

This news coincides with a significant Xbox document leak that exposed Microsoft's potential future plans. Interestingly, the leak was attributed to Microsoft's own oversight, adding a unique twist to the unfolding narrative.

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