Sneak Peek: iPhone 15 Series Specs Revealed Ahead of Launch

The 2023 iPhone 15 series is set to launch soon. Notable changes include the iPhone 15 Pros slight thickness increase and reduced weight due to Grade 5 Titanium construction. Exciting times ahead.

In the most recent hours leading up to the event, MacRumors has managed to obtain what they claim to be "the exact dimensions of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max." Curiously, there's no mention of the iPhone 15 Plus, which leaves us speculating about its fate. But what really piqued interest are the dimensions and weights reported, as they deviate somewhat from what one might have expected.

Starting with the standard iPhone 15, it appears that it will closely resemble the iPhone 14, measuring at a svelte 7.8mm in thickness, front to back. Other measurements remain largely in line with the previous year's model, and the new iPhone's weight comes in at a mere 172g, a mere gram more than the iPhone 14. This weight consistency is attributed to Apple's choice to stick with the same chassis material as the iPhone 14, namely the sturdy 6013 T6 Aluminum.

On the flip side, the Pro models, while maintaining similar length and height, will exhibit an increase in thickness. Unlike the current Pro iPhones, which measure 7.85mm in thickness, their replacements will be nearly half a millimeter thicker. While half a millimeter might seem trivial, it's worth noting that among the myriad measurements of a smartphone, thickness is one of the most perceptible. A marginal increase of just over a twentieth, equating to 5%, could potentially be noticeable in daily use.

Nevertheless, this increase in thickness is offset by a welcome reduction in weight. For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro weighs in at 206g, while its successor, the iPhone 15 Pro, is projected to tip the scales at a more manageable 188g. Similarly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, a heavyweight at 240g, could potentially be succeeded by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is expected to weigh in at 221g. While this might not align entirely with the weight reduction predictions made by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, it's undeniably a step in the right direction.

Both weight reductions can be attributed to Apple's shift from stainless steel to "Grade 5 Titanium" for the iPhone 15 Pro, marking a significant departure from the stainless steel construction of every Pro iPhone thus far. Grade 5 Titanium, also known as Ti-6Al-4V, is a titanium alloy well-regarded across various industries for its exceptional corrosion resistance.

It's worth noting that MacRumors cautiously acknowledges that these details are based on pre-production information, so there could be variations in the final product. Nevertheless, these reports offer encouraging news for enthusiasts concerned about the iPhone's weight. Many had assumed that the hefty build was here to stay, but Apple's move to titanium may very well lead to a more pleasant pocket experience. Soon enough, we'll have all the answers, as the grand reveal is just around the corner.

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