Sneak Peek: Google's Pixel 8 Pro Unveiled in High-Res Leaks

Googles Pixel 8 Pro, slated for an October 4 launch, has generated buzz with leaks showcasing its design, colors, camera bar, and unique features, including the enigmatic temperature sensor.

Google's highly anticipated Pixel 8 Pro is making waves in the tech world as we approach the October 4th launch event. The smartphone has been the subject of several leaks, each offering tantalizing glimpses into its features and aesthetics. One notable leak came in the form of a tutorial video showcasing the phone in an elegant white color scheme. This video shed light on the enigmatic temperature sensor, a feature that has piqued curiosity among tech enthusiasts. Subsequently, another leaked video surfaced, unveiling additional new features and introducing a striking new blue color variant that Google plans to introduce alongside the classic black and off-white options. Moreover, a brief appearance on the Google Store teased a "Porcelain" color variant, further increasing the intrigue surrounding the Pixel 8 Pro's design. Renowned leaker Evan Blass has contributed to the excitement with a high-resolution render of the Pixel 8 Pro in its captivating blue hue. This render confirms the presence of a redesigned camera bar with a single cutout housing three cameras, a flash, and the mysterious temperature sensor. The phone also appears to boast subtly rounded corners, enhancing its overall aesthetics. In addition to the hardware and color options, Blass shared screenshots showcasing the default marketing setup for the Pixel 8 Pro's homescreen. These images feature familiar wallpapers that have already garnered attention from eager fans. Further insights into the Pixel 8 Pro's design and features were obtained through screenshots from the Pixel Phone Simulator. These screenshots, shared by Dylan Roussel, provide a 3D view of the Pixel 8 Pro, including a glimpse of the retained SIM card tray. Notably, it was revealed that the captivating blue color is officially referred to as "Sky," dispelling any confusion from previous leaks. The Pixel 8 series is generating considerable anticipation, with the launch event set for October 4th. Google is expected to unveil not only the Pixel 8 Pro but also the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2, promising an exciting showcase of innovative technology on this date.


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