Sneak Peek: Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 Unveil Design Changes

Googles Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 designs were revealed ahead of their October 4 launch, featuring noteworthy changes and upgrades, including a new chip and design continuity for the watch.

Google's Promo for Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 Reveals Design Details Ahead of October 4 Launch

The Google Store has given eager tech enthusiasts a sneak peek at the upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 devices with a promotional page, effectively confirming the designs of these highly anticipated gadgets. This revelation came after Google accidentally leaked a series of 3D renders, leaving no room for speculations. In light of the situation, Google decided to make it official.

The Pixel 8 Pro's design has been somewhat familiar to keen observers, as live images had surfaced back in May. However, the promo video reiterates what consumers can expect next month. The most noticeable alteration is the move from curved displays, a hallmark of flagship Android phones, to a flat screen. In an interesting twist, there's a somewhat intriguing temperature sensor on the device's back, which was demonstrated earlier as a handy tool for taking a person's body temperature by simply applying the phone to the forehead. The Pro version maintains its signature shiny mirror finish along the sides.

Notably, the more budget-friendly Pixel 8 retains its satin finish rather than adopting the mirrored polish of its higher-end counterpart. It also continues to sport only two cameras and foregoes the temperature sensor feature.

The camera setup on the Pixel 8 Pro has seen some tweaks as well. The major lenses, including the primary, wide-angle, and the rectangular periscope zoom lens, are now housed in a single prominent cutout. Additionally, the camera sensors have been rearranged. Between the first and second camera lenses, two matching circles house the laser autofocus system, with a microphone also appearing in this vicinity. A small square chip on the right side of the camera array serves as a color sensor. Notably, the large white temperature sensor sits just below the LED flash.

One of the most anticipated enhancements coming with the Pixel 8 is Google's new "Tensor G3" chip. Unlike the transition from Tensor 1 to Tensor 2, this year's upgrade includes improvements to the Arm cores. Rumor has it that Google is incorporating an X3 core as the primary CPU, putting it on par with other flagship chips of 2023.

Google's teaser page also offers a glimpse of the Pixel Watch 2, set to be unveiled on October 4. Surprisingly, the design appears nearly identical to the original Pixel Watch, offering few surprises in this regard. On the bright side, this means that watch bands designed for the earlier model will remain compatible with the new one. This is particularly good news, given that a metal band option was only introduced in June, eight months after the initial watch release. Regrettably, the most prominent criticisms of the original Pixel Watch, such as the small screen and substantial bezels, do not seem to have been addressed. A closer look at Google's image reveals that the screen size remains unchanged.

On the performance front, the Pixel Watch 2 marks a significant upgrade. While the first-generation Pixel Watch shipped with a Samsung chip that was four years old at the time, the Pixel Watch 2 will feature a more current Qualcomm chip, the Snapdragon W5 SoC, which is only 15 months old. This shift is undoubtedly a positive step for Google, although it's worth noting that premium devices typically incorporate chips from the current year.

In conclusion, as we approach the October 4 launch date, it's likely that more leaks and information will surface. Key questions that remain unanswered include pricing details and the rationale behind integrating a temperature sensor into a smartphone.

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