Satechi's Magnetic Wallet Stand: The Ultimate iPhone 15 Accessory

Satechi introduces the Magnetic Wallet Stand, designed for the iPhone 15 with MagSafe compatibility. It securely holds cards, offers NFC passthrough, and functions as a versatile stand. Available in seven colors for $40.

Satechi has unveiled its latest innovation, the Magnetic Wallet Stand, designed as the perfect companion for the upcoming iPhone 15 models set to debut this Friday. This sleek accessory is engineered to securely attach to any MagSafe-enabled iPhone, ensuring a robust and dependable connection that keeps your wallet firmly in place.

The Magnetic Wallet Stand offers not only a stylish storage solution but also practical functionality. It boasts a front pocket that can house up to four credit cards, debit cards, or ID cards, complete with a convenient cutout for quick ID access. What's more, the NFC passthrough feature allows seamless Tap to Pay functionality without the hassle of removing a card from the wallet.

But this accessory is not just about storage; it's a versatile stand too. You can effortlessly unfold it to create a secure stand for your iPhone, whether for engaging in FaceTime calls, enjoying videos, or gaming with a Bluetooth controller. It accommodates your iPhone in both horizontal and vertical orientations when used as a stand.

Crafted from a high-quality leather alternative, the Magnetic Wallet Stand is available in a diverse range of seven stylish colors, including classic options like Black, Brown, Navy Blue, and Orange, which you can find on the Satechi website. Additionally, Apple offers the Wallet Stand in Black, as well as three exclusive shades: Forest Green, Purple, and Blue.

You can now purchase Satechi's Magnetic Wallet Stand, a multifunctional accessory that combines fashion and functionality, priced at just $40. Elevate your iPhone experience with this must-have addition!

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