Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Review: Unveiling the Giant Among Tablets

Samsungs Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra offers a massive 14.6-inch AMOLED display, impressive speakers, and powerful performance. While it excels in certain areas, its niche appeal and high price make it suitable for specific use cases.

In the realm of consumer electronics, Samsung is known for pushing the boundaries of size, and when it comes to tablets, they have not held back. The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, part of the 2023 Galaxy Tab S9 series, boasts a colossal 14.6-inch AMOLED touchscreen, making it a veritable Goliath in the tablet world. In this review, we'll delve into the specifics of this supersized tablet, its unique features, potential use cases, and whether it's a worthy investment for tech enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality

Upon unboxing the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, the first thing that strikes you is its impressively slender profile. Measuring just 0.21 inches in thickness and weighing a relatively light 1.6 pounds, Samsung has managed to maintain its reputation for crafting solid and well-made devices. While it may appear to be a substantial slab of glass and metal, the tablet's design exudes durability without sacrificing its thinness. To add to its appeal, the S9 Ultra proudly carries an IP68 water- and dust-resistance certification, marking a first for Samsung's Galaxy S tablet series. While the practicality of water resistance on a tablet may be debatable, it does provide peace of mind for those who want to enjoy media content in the vicinity of water.

Display Excellence

The S9 Ultra's standout feature is undoubtedly its massive 14.6-inch AMOLED touchscreen display. Boasting a resolution of 2,960 x 1,848 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio, it provides an immersive visual experience, particularly for watching movies. However, due to its extreme height, using the tablet in portrait mode may not be the most comfortable experience. Despite this minor quibble, the display shines with its vibrant colors, impressive brightness, and a refresh rate that can reach up to 120Hz. Furthermore, it supports HDR10+, enhancing the overall visual quality when consuming content. Samsung's expertise in display technology is evident here, as the S9 Ultra's screen is nothing short of exceptional.

Audio Prowess

One pleasant surprise with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the inclusion of excellent speakers. This tablet proves to be a stellar choice for watching movies and shows, particularly in situations like self-isolation during the Covid pandemic. The ability to produce high-quality sound in such a slim device is a testament to Samsung's engineering prowess. Whether you're watching a movie or hosting a Google Meet call, the audio experience is top-notch.

Camera Capabilities

The tablet features a pair of front-facing cameras on the long edge of the display, including a standard and an ultrawide lens, both equipped with 12-megapixel sensors. While the presence of front cameras enhances its usability for video conferencing, tablet photography, in general, remains unconventional due to its sheer size. For most users, it's practical to rely on the smartphone in their pocket for capturing photos and videos. On the back of the tablet, you'll find a 13-megapixel standard camera and an 8-megapixel ultrawide option. These rear cameras perform reasonably well, but the primary focus of the S9 Ultra is not photography but other productivity and entertainment tasks.

Stylus Integration

One notable feature is the magnetic strip on the tablet's back, designed to hold and charge the included S Pen stylus. While the placement may not be the most intuitive, it does ensure that the stylus remains attached and accessible. Samsung has a rich history of refining its stylus technology, and the S Pen on the S9 Ultra is no exception. With a remarkably low latency of 2.8 milliseconds, it delivers a responsive and lag-free experience. This combination of a highly responsive stylus and the tablet's generous screen size makes it an excellent tool for visual artists, provided they have access to suitable software.

Tablet Mode Experience

Using the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra as a pure tablet without a keyboard case may not be everyone's cup of tea. The tablet's standout features include its exceptional display and speakers, making it an ideal portable movie theater. However, when it comes to general tablet tasks such as browsing, messaging, emailing, and gaming, the experience falls short. The tablet's tall aspect ratio, combined with the lack of Android apps optimized for such large screens, can lead to usability challenges. Some apps may only open in portrait orientation, while others may suffer from excessive white space, diminishing the overall user experience. For those seeking a more versatile and handheld tablet, the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S9 might be a more suitable and cost-effective option.

Productivity and Performance

Where the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra truly shines is in its potential for more demanding tasks. Equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, paired with 12GB of RAM (on the tested model), this tablet demonstrates impressive processing power. Tasks like running Adobe Lightroom become a pleasure, thanks to the ample screen real estate for toolbars and detailed previews. Battery life, though not officially estimated by Samsung, offers over 11 hours of use in tablet mode, with the device lasting days on standby. Unless you're consistently using it for extended periods, charging frequency should not be a significant concern.

Dex Mode: Transforming the Tablet

One transformative feature of the S9 Ultra is its compatibility with Samsung's Dex mode. When paired with the $200 "Book Cover Keyboard Slim" and a Bluetooth mouse, the tablet undergoes a metamorphosis, shifting from a touch-focused Android UI to an interface resembling Windows or Chrome OS. Dex mode essentially converts the tablet into a versatile productivity tool, similar to using a Chromebook.

In Dex mode, a navigation bar at the bottom allows easy access to open apps, making multitasking more efficient. However, one enduring issue with Android tablets is the limited availability of apps optimized for larger screens. While Dex mode permits resizing of apps for better utilization of space, not all apps are well-suited for this transition. For instance, the Slack app still lacks a left-hand sidebar, a feature available in the desktop and iPadOS versions. Nevertheless, apps with multi-column interfaces, including Google's first-party software, provide a delightful experience on the S9 Ultra.

Web Browsing Experience

One notable limitation in Dex mode is the performance gap between Chrome for Android and its desktop counterpart. While the tablet's display and processing power are more than capable of handling demanding tasks, Chrome for Android may occasionally render websites differently, potentially reverting to mobile versions. This discrepancy may pose a minor inconvenience for users accustomed to the full desktop browsing experience. However, it's worth noting that some websites can be run in the full web version in Chrome, mitigating this limitation.

Battery Life in Dex Mode

It's important to highlight that battery life in Dex mode may not match the longevity observed in standard tablet usage. When the tablet was employed as a full-time work device, it managed approximately six hours of usage, which, while not abysmal, falls short of the endurance provided by similarly-priced laptops. Thus, if you're primarily seeking a laptop-like experience, it's worth considering alternative options.

Is the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Worth It?

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is undeniably a niche device that caters to specific user needs and preferences. With a price tag of $1,200 (plus an additional $200 for the keyboard case

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