Re-Logic's Bold Response: Condemning Unity's Fee System and Supporting Open-Source Alternatives

Re-Logic, the developer of Terraria, strongly condemns Unitys controversial RunTime Fee system, citing a loss of trust in the gaming industry. They pledge $100,000 donations to open-source engines Godot and FNA.

In response to Unity's controversial decision to implement a RunTime Fee system that charges developers on a per-install basis when they cross certain thresholds, the game developer Re-Logic, best known for Terraria, has taken a strong stance against this move. Despite Re-Logic's limited use of Unity in a few console and mobile elements, the studio expressed its deep disappointment in Unity's actions, which it believes have eroded trust within the gaming industry. In a bold move, Re-Logic has not only condemned Unity's actions but has also donated a substantial sum of $100,000 to both Godot and FNA, two open-source game engines.

In a scathing rebuke of Unity's recent actions, Re-Logic stated, "The loss of a formerly-leading and user-friendly game engine to the darker forces that negatively impact so much of the gaming industry has left us dismayed to put it mildly." The studio unequivocally condemned Unity's Terms of Service and fee changes, emphasizing the disregard for years of trust cultivated within the gaming community. The abrupt and seemingly unnecessary introduction of these changes has, in Re-Logic's view, cast a shadow on the entire industry, becoming a cautionary tale for all involved.

Re-Logic recognizes that even if Unity were to backtrack on its decisions, regaining the trust of developers would be a challenging endeavor. Therefore, the studio believes it is essential to support emerging open-source game engines as a beacon of hope during this tumultuous period. "Re-Logic has always been supportive of game developers and indie studios that do things the right way," they affirmed, adding that their actions aim to empower struggling studios in light of recent events.

Unity's initial announcement of the Runtime Fee had drawn widespread criticism from prominent developers, including Innersloth (makers of Among Us) and Garry Newman (creator of Rust). In response to the backlash, Unity attempted to clarify and amend its policy, promising further "changes" in the near future. One such adjustment included exploring the possibility of imposing a 4 percent cap on potential fees and allowing developers to self-report installs instead of relying solely on Unity's proprietary tools for data collection.

However, many developers remain adamant that the only acceptable solution is for Unity to fully reverse its decision. Re-Logic's unwavering support for open-source alternatives serves as a testament to the broader industry's commitment to ethical and transparent practices, striving to preserve trust and integrity within the gaming community.

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