Pokémon Go Players Unhappy with Daily Adventure Incense: Is It Worth Using?

Players in Pokémon Go are frustrated with Daily Adventure Incense, as it often spawns the same common Pokémon during events, prompting questions about its usefulness.

In the world of Pokémon Go, a significant concern has been raised by a player regarding the effectiveness of Daily Adventure Incense during major in-game events. Pokémon Go, a popular mobile game, encourages players to venture outdoors to discover and capture virtual creatures known as Pokémon, which appear in real-time based on the player's physical location.

However, the challenge lies in locating wild Pokémon, depending on one's geographical location. To address this issue, many trainers rely on the Daily Adventure Incense to attract Pokémon to their vicinity. Despite its utility, some players have voiced frustration, identifying a notable issue with this item designed to boost spawns.

A concerned player shared their grievance on the Pokémon Go subreddit in a post titled "My biggest problem with the game..." Alongside the post, they provided a screenshot illustrating their experience using Daily Adventure Incense, revealing that they managed to capture 26 Pokémon while using the item. Their frustration stemmed from the fact that nearly 81% of the spawns were identical to the event Pokémon that had been commonplace in the wild throughout the week.

The player posed a question to the community, questioning the purpose of using incense if it consistently yields the same Pokémon. This query ignited a discussion among fellow fans who shared in the trainer's exasperation. One trainer confessed, "I've been so frustrated with this too. The fact that I was actually relieved to see a Seedot yesterday is so frustrating?! I wonder when this will end."

Another player disclosed that they exclusively used Daily Adventure Incense in the hope of encountering the elusive Legendary Galarian Bird Trio, despite their notorious difficulty to capture. Additionally, some trainers expressed a preference for encountering more event-specific Pokémon rather than the standard spawns, emphasizing their desire for variety.

While the Daily Adventure Incense claims to offer encounters with uncommon Pokémon, the frequency of such encounters remains notably low. There is hope that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, may consider adjusting this aspect in the future. However, whether this adjustment will materialize remains uncertain.

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