Paige and Microsoft Forge AI-Driven Partnership to Transform Cancer Diagnosis

Paige and Microsoft have partnered to create an extensive AI model for cancer detection. Leveraging billions of parameters, this collaboration aims to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment, with Microsoft providing strategic investments and cloud support.

Yesterday, a groundbreaking partnership was unveiled between Paige, a pioneering cancer diagnostics company, and tech giant Microsoft. Their joint mission? To create the most extensive image-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) model ever devised, a formidable weapon in the ongoing battle against cancer.

Paige has been at the forefront of cancer detection, harnessing the power of AI to develop multiple models for identifying and measuring cancer in tissue biopsies. Their Large Foundation Model, built on a staggering one billion images sourced from over half a million pathology slides spanning various cancer types, is a testament to their commitment.

With exclusive access to this colossal digital repository of diverse cancer cases, Paige possesses unparalleled resources for crafting AI-based diagnostic tools.

This latest endeavor, in collaboration with Microsoft, promises to leapfrog existing image-based models by orders of magnitude. Armed with billions of parameters, this advanced AI model will undergo training with up to four million digitized microscopy slides encompassing different cancer variants.

Microsoft's involvement extends beyond collaboration; they're making strategic investments in Paige to accelerate the development and deployment of this crucial AI diagnostic tool. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure will power the Paige Platform, revolutionizing digital pathology workflows in laboratories.

In this burgeoning partnership, Paige not only collaborates with Microsoft Research in the frontline of machine learning but also collaborates with Nuance, a Microsoft subsidiary, for seamless integration into Nuance's Precision Imaging Network. Paige's technology will also find a home as a partner solution in the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Tom McGuinness, Corporate Vice President of Global Healthcare & Life Sciences at Microsoft, expressed the company's enthusiasm for this groundbreaking collaboration.

Equally thrilled is Paige's CEO, Dr. Andy Moye.

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