Navigating iPhone 15 Pro Max Preorder Challenges in the UK

Moved to the UK, excited about iPhone 15 Pro Max, faced preorder mishaps with carriers and credit checks. Uncertain delivery but hopeful for a resolution.

The culmination of my iPhone 12 contract signaled the onset of my mounting anticipation for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, a couple of significant blunders have, regrettably, hindered my prospects of securing a day-one preorder, leaving me possibly empty-handed for a few months. Nonetheless, I'm optimistic that it will make for a splendid Christmas gift.

I recently relocated to the UK, a move that introduced me to a plethora of subtle nuances and differences. It is quite perplexing that both of my major blunders are tied to this relocation.

I was primed, ready, and raring to go half an hour before the preorder window opened. My credit card was at the ready, and I had decided to opt for a carrier this time around. This decision was partly influenced by the expiration of my existing phone contract and partly due to my inability to afford the hefty $1,199 price tag upfront. Remarkably, my carrier application was swiftly approved in a mere ten minutes. With a sense of triumph, I shared the news with my colleagues at iMore and departed from work on Friday with the assurance that my new iPhone would grace my doorstep on September 22nd.

However, propelled by an undercurrent of anxiety, I decided to check on my order first thing Monday morning, only to discover that it had mysteriously vanished. To compound the issue, my Irish contact number had been flagged, and instead of rectifying this hiccup, the carrier had unceremoniously canceled my entire order. This revelation came to light after a protracted conversation with a customer support representative. The carrier, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with "sodaprone," had not only taken my upfront payment but also pledged to refund it within a span of two weeks. Consequently, my dreams of owning an iPhone 15 on its release day were dashed, even if I were to reorder immediately from the same source. Given the soaring popularity of the phone, I would essentially be relegated to the back of the queue.

In light of this exasperating setback, I decided to explore a different carrier and fortuitously secured a favorable deal. I had settled on the Titanium Black variant of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, successfully navigated the credit check, and was on the cusp of finalizing my purchase when a conversation with my partner flashed through my mind. Was Natural Titanium, in fact, the superior color choice? Could it potentially complement some of the finest iPhone 15 Pro Max cases available? Consequently, I modified my order, opting for Natural Titanium, even if it meant a slightly delayed delivery. Alas, my endeavor was met with a credit application decline, leading to yet another order cancellation.

As a youthful individual who had never delved deeply into the intricacies of credit, a lengthy midday phone conversation shed light on a crucial lesson: excessive credit checks can trigger rejection, even if your credit history is sound. To be fair, this was knowledge I should have acquired sooner. Two colleagues at iMore who were Apple aficionados swiftly confirmed that this was likely the cause of my predicament.

In a frantic bid to secure my coveted device, I revisited my initial carrier choice and miraculously clinched an order acceptance. Yet, uncertainty continued to hang in the balance. One support representative asserted that my order had been canceled, only for an order confirmation email to land in my inbox two hours later. Presently, I find myself in a state of perpetual anticipation, continuously refreshing my order status in anticipation of some semblance of clarity. While it is probable that I will eventually obtain the coveted iPhone, the arrival date remains enigmatic, potentially extending over the next two months. With any luck, the relentless fear of missing out will gradually subside after this Friday.

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