Microsoft's $69 Billion Gamble: Ads Coming to Call of Duty and More

Microsofts $69 billion acquisition of Activision hints at plans to introduce in-game advertising, potentially impacting titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone in the future.

Call of Duty has cemented its status as a gaming industry juggernaut, and with Microsoft's acquisition of the franchise, the tech giant is already strategizing on maximizing its returns from this colossal investment.

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision involved a jaw-dropping $69 billion price tag, and recent revelations from a significant FLuzala court case leak indicate that they have ambitious plans to recoup their colossal expenditure by introducing advertising into Call of Duty.

Although the Microsoft-Activision deal faced near-collapse and still awaits global approval, with the UK CMA deliberating over an appeal, Microsoft has not wasted any time in outlining its approach to integrating in-game advertisements into its free-to-play titles.

The leaked information reveals that Microsoft intends to incorporate in-game ads into games like Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush, and Hearthstone. While mobile games are no strangers to ads, typically appearing during initial loading or after a few game sessions, the scale of advertising in these titles may see significant expansion in the future.

As of now, only mobile titles are confirmed for this initiative. However, documents shared by CharlieIntel suggest that PC games could also be in the crosshairs, raising the possibility of in-game ads in titles like Warzone.

The exact nature of these ads remains uncertain. They might take the form of Diablo-style pop-ups promoting other Activision titles within Call of Duty or manifest as in-game banners integrated into specific elements of the Warzone map. Regardless of the format, players should brace themselves for potentially encountering a more prominent presence of brands while immersed in the world of Call of Duty.


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