Microsoft Ends Support for Original Surface Duo After Three Years

Microsoft has ended support for the original Surface Duo, fulfilling its three-year update promise. The device received only two major OS updates. Surface Duo 2 gets extended support until October 2024.

Microsoft has officially ended support for the original Surface Duo, exactly three years after its initial launch on September 10. Microsoft had consistently communicated that the Surface Duo would receive a three-year window of operating system updates, and today marks the culmination of that commitment. Going forward, Microsoft will cease providing new OS updates and security patches for the original Surface Duo, with Android 12L being the final official OS version it will receive.

Despite its potential longevity, the original Surface Duo only received two major OS updates, falling short of the typical three updates most high-end flagship Android devices receive nowadays. While existing Surface Duo users can continue using their devices without immediate issues, the absence of future security updates should prompt caution.

Microsoft has not actively developed new features or bug fixes for the Surface Duo in recent months, so users won't miss out on substantial enhancements apart from security patches. Enthusiasts can explore third-party ROMs to install custom versions of Android 13 or 14 on their devices.

Microsoft will extend support for the second-generation Surface Duo for an additional year, set to conclude on October 21, 2024. However, it's worth noting that the Surface Duo 2 has received just one major Android OS update so far, leaving it behind other Android OEMs, which typically offer more frequent updates.

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