Mastering Starfield: The Ultimate Credit-Making Glitch Revealed!

Starfield offers a glitch-based method for amassing 9 million credits per hour, involving Boost Pack Training skill and chest exploitation. Another approach involves crafting for rapid leveling.

Starfield provides numerous opportunities to accumulate wealth quickly, especially if you're willing to bend the rules a bit. In a YouTube video, a Starfield player known as DPJ has unveiled a money-making method that can yield over 9 million credits per hour by exploiting glitches to access restricted areas. This approach is reminiscent of a previous infinite money glitch in Starfield and revolves around venturing beyond the game's map to locate a hidden chest filled with a vendor's funds. Thankfully, the process is relatively straightforward and requires only one point in the Boost Pack Training skill.

To initiate this exploit, ensure you have boost packs in your inventory, then head to Narion, specifically the Stroud-Ekland Staryard. Once there, proceed in a straight line until you encounter a room adorned with various objects on the wall and a ramp on the floor. Navigate along the ramp and approach the red object in the lower-left corner of the wall. Continue moving forward, and you'll find yourself glitching through the wall and onto the outside of the room.

From this position, a series of simple jumps will lead you to the Stroud-Ekland Store chest containing a substantial 160,000 credits. After collecting the cash from the chest, you can swiftly reset its contents by leaving your current location and traveling to Venus. Upon arrival, instruct your character to wait for six hours before returning to the Stroud-Ekland Staryard. This entire process takes merely a minute or so, allowing you to repeatedly accumulate a considerable sum of space cash.

For those seeking to gain experience rapidly without resorting to glitches, another resourceful Starfield player has devised a method to attain 100 levels in just five hours. This method, free of bugs or exploits, centers around an extensive crafting regimen.

These strategies can quickly turn you into a credit-rich spacefarer in Starfield.

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