Mastering Starfield: 5 Top Character Builds for Epic Space Adventures

Bethesdas Starfield offers diverse character builds, including Hauler, Researcher, Silvertongue, Swordmaster, and Enigma, each with unique skills, traits, and playstyles for an immersive space adventure.

Bethesda has a storied history of allowing players to assume various roles and personalities within their expansive game worlds, from stealthy archers to powerful elemental wizards and gritty wasteland wanderers. With the release of Starfield, the possibilities have expanded even further. However, mastering every aspect of the game at once is a daunting task, which is why players must carefully choose their Background, Traits, and other important features to create powerful and enjoyable characters. In this analysis, we will explore some of the best Starfield character builds, highlighting their unique strengths and attributes.

1. The Hauler Build:

The Hauler build focuses on something beyond combat, emphasizing the transportation of goods from one location to another. Choosing the "Long Hauler" Background is crucial for this character concept, as it provides immediate access to the "Piloting" skill. Key skills for the Hauler include:

Piloting: The cornerstone of this build, improving your ship-handling abilities.

Spaced: Enhances your survivability in space, a valuable skill given your frequent interstellar travels.

Taskmaster: Increases the cost of hiring crew members but occasionally allows damaged ship systems to repair themselves, which is vital for maintaining your vessel.

For Traits, "Spaced" and "Taskmaster" are ideal choices, as they complement the Hauler's playstyle by bolstering survivability during spacefaring adventures.

The Hauler's most important power is "Personal Atmosphere," which alleviates concerns about oxygen levels during long journeys. This build excels in space-based scenarios, so personal equipment largely depends on your preferences. Consider a long-range weapon like the "Old Earth Hunting Rifle" to keep your character out of harm's way during ground combat.

2. The Researcher Build:

The Researcher build is designed for those who seek knowledge and excel in specialized equipment. Opt for the "Professor" Background, granting early access to the crucial "Research Methods" skill. Key skills for the Researcher include:

Research Methods: The backbone of this build, facilitating advanced research and analysis.

Extrovert: This Trait complements the Researcher's reliance on companions, providing an oxygen buff when adventuring with allies.

Sense Star Stuff: An apt choice, given the Researcher's thirst for information, as it aids in gathering crucial knowledge.

Precognition: This knowledge-based power offers advantages in social situations and practical utility.

When it comes to equipment, the Researcher enjoys versatility due to their multiple research skills, allowing them to attach incredible mods to various items.

3. The Silvertongue Build:

The Silvertongue build relies on the power of persuasion and negotiation to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. The "Diplomat" Background is an ideal choice, granting immediate access to the essential skills "Persuasion" and "Commerce." Key skills for the Silvertongue include:

Persuasion: The cornerstone of this build, enhancing your ability to influence others.

Commerce: Vital for bartering and securing advantageous deals.

Empath: This Trait synergizes well with the Silvertongue's reliance on companions, providing an oxygen buff when adventuring with them.

Extrovert: Another useful Trait for bolstering oxygen levels during cooperative endeavors.

The Silvertongue's powers, "Phased Time" and "Creator’s Peace," offer strategic advantages by manipulating situations to their favor and defusing conflicts.

For weapons, automatics work well for this build, allowing the Silvertongue to pivot between targets while companions handle combat situations.

4. The Swordmaster Build:

The Swordmaster build embodies the idea of becoming an unstoppable melee combatant. Start with the "Ronin" Background to gain access to the "Dueling" skill, the foundation of this build. Key skills for the Swordmaster include:

Dueling: The core skill, enabling devastating melee attacks.

Alien DNA: A valuable Trait, boosting health and oxygen levels, increasing survivability.

Neon Street Rat and Wanted: Optional additions that offer benefits such as extra income, faster combat skill progression, and engaging side stories.

In combat, the Swordmaster favors a swift, aggressive playstyle, excelling in melee range. Powers like "Anti-Gravity Field," "Grav Dash," and "Reactive Shield" strike a balance between speed, defense, and offense, empowering the player to embrace their aggressive strengths.

For weapons, equip a strong melee weapon and a shotgun for close-quarters encounters. Consider using the "Wakizashi" as your early-game blade and the "Shotty" or "Coachman" for shotguns.

5. The Enigma Build:

The Enigma build is a versatile character, capable of handling various situations. The "File Not Found" Background provides all three skills that work harmoniously with this build's adaptability. Key skills for the Enigma include:

Adaptability: The Enigma's forte, enabling them to excel in diverse situations.

Flexibility: A hallmark of this build, making it adaptable to different playstyles.

Resourcefulness: The Enigma's ability to leverage their environment to their advantage.

The Enigma's choice of Traits is flexible, but "Dream Home" and "Wanted" are strong options. "Dream Home" offers a sense of ownership and a valuable place to rest, while "Wanted" aids skill progression and provides a combat buff when low on health.

When selecting powers, "Anti-Gravity Field," "Sense Star Stuff," and "Reactive Shield" offer a well-balanced mix of offense and defense, but customization is possible to suit your preferences.

For weapons, consider investing in "Ballistics" and "Rifle Certification" to make weapons like the "Old Earth Hunting Rifle" and "AA-99" excellent choices for both DPS and range.

In conclusion, Starfield offers an expansive and immersive gaming experience with a myriad of character build possibilities. Each build presents unique strengths and attributes, catering to different playstyles and preferences. Whether you choose to be a Hauler, Researcher, Silvertongue, Swordmaster, or Enigma, your adventure in the vastness of space awaits. Starfield is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, inviting you to explore its captivating universe and forge your own path among the stars.

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