Lies of P: A Surprising Success with Soulslike and Pinocchio Fusion

In 2023, Lies of P has gained acclaim for blending Soulslike gameplay with the Pinocchio story, drawing comparisons to Bloodborne. Gamers praise its quality and consider it a spiritual sequel.

In an unexpected twist, Lies of P has employed an unlikely formula that has garnered resounding success among players. This unconventional blend of Soulslike elements and the timeless Pinocchio fable has captivated the gaming community. To the point where some players now view it as a spiritual successor to FromSoftware's acclaimed title, Bloodborne.

There are certain games that leave an indelible mark across generations, and FromSoftware's Bloodborne is a prime example. Even before the release of Elden Ring, many Souls series enthusiasts regarded Bloodborne as FromSoft's magnum opus. Numerous games have attempted to emulate the studio's iconic gameplay formula, yielding mixed results.

The year 2023 brings us Lies of P, the latest contender in this endeavor. What sets Lies of P apart from its Soulslike peers is its unwavering commitment to storytelling. Through a unique reimagining of Pinocchio's tale, players navigate the Ergo-afflicted world of Krat. Early consensus on the game has been overwhelmingly positive, with some players boldly comparing it to Bloodborne.

It seems that not a single Sony State of Play event passes without someone clamoring for a Bloodborne remaster or sequel. However, Lies of P has emerged as the game that may finally fill that void, at least according to players.

One Reddit user, Bilaal98, who identifies as a dedicated Souls fan with experience across all FromSoft titles, expressed their enthusiasm for Lies of P: "I've always been on the lookout for the next Souls experience that I'd truly enjoy. But this game... just, wow! I'd genuinely recommend this to every FromSoft fan, and the fact that it's from a new studio is absolutely mind-boggling. The effort invested in this game is truly extraordinary. It's unquestionably worth a day-one purchase."

The top comment on the post echoed this sentiment, even going so far as to dub Lies of P a Bloodborne sequel: "As a die-hard Souls fan, I'm absolutely enamored with the game thus far. This is the first Soulslike game not developed by FromSoft that truly matches the same quality as a FromSoft game. It feels like we've just received a Bloodborne/Sekiro sequel."

Another player chimed in, asserting that Lies of P would astound those who dismiss it as a mere attempt at a Soulslike game: "This game will blow the minds of people who think it's just a cheap imitation. It's nothing short of incredible." Yet another gamer mentioned, "I loved the demo and playing it on Game Pass. It's satisfying my Bloodborne craving nicely."

For developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, receiving such accolades from the player community must be an immense honor. Their achievement is further underscored by the remarkable player who managed to conquer every in-game boss without sustaining a single hit.


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