iPhone 15 Unveils Game-Changing Battery Health Features in iOS 17

Apple introduces iOS 17 RC with iPhone 15-exclusive features: battery charge limit to 80% and enhanced battery health details. Availability begins September 22, with potential updates for older iPhone models uncertain.

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17 RC to developers and beta users, unveiling a noteworthy feature for preserving iPhone battery health. Following this release, 9to5Mac detected code references pointing to a new capability: the ability to limit the maximum battery charge on iPhones. This feature has been confirmed to exist in the latest iPhone 15 models, enhancing users' control over their device's battery performance.

Ray Wong, who goes by the name X on Twitter, shared insights into the iPhone 15's battery health section. This dedicated section offers users detailed information about their battery, including manufacturing and initial usage dates. Additionally, users can monitor the battery's cycle count, which increments each time the battery is charged from 0 to 100%. While accessing such data was previously possible through third-party tools like coconutBattery on Mac, it's now conveniently integrated into iOS for iPhone 15 users.

Another notable battery-related feature exclusive to iPhone 15 is the option to limit the battery charge to 80%. This feature is designed to prolong the overall lifespan of the lithium-ion battery, as frequent charging to 100% can accelerate its aging process. By choosing to cap the charge at 80%, users can sacrifice a bit of daily battery life to ensure their device's battery remains in optimal condition.

The functionality of this new feature resembles "Optimized Battery Charging," which adapts to a user's daily routine to complete charging to 100% just before the user typically unplugs the device. However, the iPhone 15's charge limiting option always restricts recharging to 80%, offering users consistent control over their battery health.

Regrettably, both of these exciting features are exclusive to iPhone 15 models, leaving owners of earlier iPhone models curious about potential future software updates. It remains uncertain whether Apple plans to extend these capabilities to previous iPhone models through future updates.

For those eager to get their hands on the latest iPhone 15, the release date is set for this Friday, September 22, with availability in 20 other countries slated for the following week, according to Apple. These battery-focused innovations promise to enhance the overall user experience and promote the longevity of iPhones in the hands of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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