iPhone 15 Pro Series: Unveiling the Action Button and Titanium Elegance

The iPhone 15 Pro series introduces an Action button for shortcuts, embraces USB-C charging, and notably employs lightweight titanium frames, setting a new standard in design and usability.

The iPhone 15 Pro, at first glance, bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro series. However, my astonishment grew exponentially when I got my hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and delved into its array of new features.

The standout addition is undoubtedly the Action button, which opens up a world of possibilities. Our TikTok video showcasing this innovation has already garnered more than 14 million views. As I'll demonstrate in my hands-on review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Action button still serves its original purpose as a mute switch but now boasts the capability to map various shortcuts. These shortcuts include launching the camera, activating the flashlight, initiating the voice recorder, and more, all with a simple long press.

My only qualm with the Action button is its limitation of assigning just one shortcut at a time. While I appreciate Apple's intention to simplify the user experience, I can't help but wish for more customization options.

Another noteworthy enhancement is the shift to USB-C charging. Apple has finally embraced the global standard, and I commend their decision to equip the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with USB 3.0 support, ensuring faster data transfer speeds to Macs and external storage devices.

In my view, the most significant change is the transition to titanium for the new Pros, considering the substantial investment required—$999 for the iPhone 15 Pro and $1,199 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Picking up the iPhone 15 Pro Max, in particular, left me in disbelief. How can a 6.7-inch flagship smartphone be so remarkably lightweight?

The iPhone 15 Pro series incorporates Grade 5 titanium for the frame, replacing the stainless steel sides of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This results in a design that not only enhances durability but also offers an incredibly light feel both in hand and pocket. For instance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs in at 7.8 ounces, compared to the 8.5 ounces of its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. While the difference may appear marginal, it significantly improves day-to-day usability. The standard iPhone 15 Pro also sheds some weight, tipping the scales at 6.6 ounces versus the 7.3 ounces of the previous Pro model.

It's a rarity to witness flagship phones becoming lighter from one generation to the next, and Apple's implementation of titanium technology is responsible for this remarkable feat.

Apple proudly asserts that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max feature the slimmest borders ever seen on an iPhone. In person, I found myself appreciating the reduced bezels compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, providing a more immersive viewing experience on the new model.

However, the benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Trimming the bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro has led to a reduction in overall dimensions. The standard iPhone 15 Pro measures 5.77 x 2.78 x 0.32 inches, as opposed to the iPhone 14 Pro's 5.81 x 2.81 x 0.31 inches. Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max measures 6.29 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches, compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max's 6.33 x 3.05 x 0.31 inches. Both Pro iPhones are now more compact despite being slightly thicker, making it easier to wield the larger screen iPhone with just one hand.

While Apple may have lagged in adopting USB-C, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are setting a new standard in overall design. It comes as no surprise that Samsung is also considering titanium for their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, scheduled for release next year. As the era of compact small phones seems to be waning, the trend towards more lightweight and manageable big-screen flagships is a welcome development in my perspective.

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