Google Pixel 8 Series: Leaks Suggest Significant Price Hike for Flagship Phones

Googles Pixel 8 series may see a substantial price increase in Europe, with the base Pixel 8 starting at €799 and the Pixel 8 Pro at €1,099. This potential hike, if mirrored in the US, could place the Pixel 8 at around $649 and the Pixel 8 Pro above $1,000. Tech enthusiasts await official confirmation.

Google's upcoming Pixel 8 series is generating significant buzz as its launch date approaches, with recent leaks hinting at a notable price increase for these highly anticipated smartphones. According to reports from Dealabs and corroborated by HotUKDeals, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, set to debut in Europe (specifically France), will come with starting price tags of €799 for the base Pixel 8 and €1,099 for the Pixel 8 Pro.

These prices mark a significant uptick compared to last year's offerings, where the Pixel 7 was retailing for €649 in France and the Pixel 7 Pro for €899. If these leaks hold true, the Pixel 8 could see a €150 price hike, while the Pixel 8 Pro might get a €200 increase.

It's worth noting that The Tech Outlook reported similar, albeit slightly higher, pricing last week, adding weight to the credibility of the information. If these price points indeed materialize, it would signify the first substantial price increase for Google's flagship phones since the Tensor reboot in 2021.

Dealabs also hints at the possibility of Google offering exclusive colors for the Pixel 8 series through its official store. The regular model might feature black, grey/green, and pink options, while the Pro variant could come in black, "Porcelain," and "Sky" finishes. The leaked information aligns with previous glimpses of the "Sky" color variant, with the black version sometimes referred to as "Licorice."

Assuming similar price hikes for the US market, we could expect the Pixel 8 to start at around $649, with the Pixel 8 Pro potentially surpassing the $1,000 mark. It's worth noting that US pricing can differ from other regions, as demonstrated by Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5, which experienced international price increases while maintaining its $999 price tag in the United States.

As the Pixel 8 series launch date nears, tech enthusiasts and consumers eagerly await the official confirmation of these pricing details, hoping that Google's latest offerings will justify the potential price bump with compelling features and innovations.


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