Google Extends Chromebook Update Support to 10 Years: What You Need to Know

Google extends Chromebook update support to 10 years from 8, introduces adaptive charging to preserve battery health, and an energy saver mode to boost battery life on ChromeOS.

Google is expanding the support lifecycle for Chromebooks, extending the number of years they receive updates from eight to an impressive ten. Additionally, ChromeOS is introducing two new features: adaptive charging and an energy saver mode.

Starting in the coming year, Chromebooks released from 2021 onwards will enjoy a decade of updates "after the platform was released." This extension of Auto Update Expiration (AUE) marks a significant commitment to longevity, surpassing the offerings of other operating systems. Furthermore, Google is extending this privilege to owners of Chromebooks released before 2021, granting them the option to "extend automatic updates to 10 years from the platform’s release when they receive their last automatic update."

The adaptive charging feature ensures that your Chromebook's battery stays at an optimal 80% charge level, preserving its overall health. It accomplishes this by fully charging the battery before you typically disconnect from power, such as when you leave for the day. Users can toggle this feature on or off in the Settings Device Power menu, with administrators having the ability to enable it by default on managed devices. Additionally, there will be an option to charge the battery to full capacity immediately, similar to other operating systems.

Google is also introducing a "Charge limit" preference that reduces the battery's maximum capacity as it ages, thereby extending its lifespan.

The "Energy saver" mode is aimed at increasing battery life by minimizing or disabling energy-intensive processes. Users can toggle this mode in settings, and ChromeOS will automatically activate it when the battery reaches a low 20% charge. Users will receive a notification allowing them to "Turn off energy saver." This feature complements the existing Energy (and Memory) Saver available in the Chrome browser.

Both adaptive charging and the Energy saver are set to roll out to ChromeOS in the "coming months" and will be compatible with a "majority of compatible platforms."

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