GitHub Expands Access to Copilot Chat for Developers Worldwide

GitHubs Copilot Chat, a programming-centric chatbot, is now accessible to all GitHub Copilot for Individual subscribers, enriching the development experience by offering contextual coding assistance within IDEs. This aligns with GitHubs mission to promote natural language as a universal programming language.

GitHub has expanded the accessibility of its programming-centric chatbot, Copilot Chat, by offering it to a broader user base. Three months ago, Copilot Chat was introduced in a private preview, initially available only to organizations with a Copilot for Business subscription. Now, the platform has extended its reach by including all current GitHub Copilot for Individual subscribers who use Visual Studio and VS Code. This enhancement comes at no additional cost, as Copilot Chat is a complimentary addition to the existing subscription, which is priced at $10 per month.

Copilot Chat is designed to integrate seamlessly into the developer's workflow. It resides in a sidebar within the integrated development environment (IDE), enabling developers to engage in multi-turn conversations about coding in general. More importantly, it empowers them to seek guidance and assistance related to their ongoing coding tasks within the IDE. This contextual awareness sets Copilot Chat apart from general-purpose chat assistants, making it a highly valuable tool for developers.

Shuyin Zhao, GitHub's VP of Product Management, envisions Copilot Chat and GitHub Copilot as a powerful AI-assistant duo. Together, they facilitate a seamless development experience, allowing developers to work at the speed of their thoughts while using their preferred natural language. GitHub believes that this cohesion will revolutionize software development by significantly reducing repetitive tasks and establishing natural language as a universal programming language for developers worldwide.

Copilot Chat offers various practical use cases, such as providing real-time guidance by suggesting best practices, offering tips and solutions tailored to the developer's current code, and assisting with code analysis and security issue resolution—all within the IDE, eliminating the need to switch between tools.

GitHub's overarching goal is to promote "natural language as a new universal programming language," thereby democratizing software development. This mission aligns with the company's recent initiatives and the vision articulated by CEO Thomas Dohmke. As Dohmke is a featured guest at our Disrupt conference in San Francisco today, we will have the opportunity to explore this theme and more during our on-stage interview.

In summary, GitHub's Copilot Chat is now available to a wider audience, enhancing the development experience by providing contextual coding assistance within popular IDEs. This move reflects GitHub's commitment to advancing natural language as a universal programming language and democratizing software development.

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