Exciting Xbox Game Pass Update: Gotham Knights Arrives on October 3!

Xbox Game Pass is adding Gotham Knights on October 3, along with Party Animals, Cocoon, and PayDay 3. Gotham Knights lukewarm reception on Steam is noted. Several games are leaving on September 30.

Xbox Game Pass has exciting news for its subscribers, as Gotham Knights is set to make its debut on the platform on October 3. This highly anticipated addition will be accessible to all Xbox Game Pass users on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and through the cloud, offering gamers a chance to explore the Gotham City universe without any extra cost. Joining the ranks in the coming weeks are Party Animals, Cocoon, and PayDay 3, enriching the diverse Game Pass lineup.

The introduction of Gotham Knights to the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem is expected to breathe new life into the multiplayer title, especially considering its somewhat lukewarm reception on other platforms. As of now, the Steam player count stands at 199, a figure that could see a significant uptick with this exciting development.

Destructoid's review of Gotham Knights, awarding it a 5/10 rating, noted the game's resemblance to an Arkham-verse fan creation. While it has its merits, the review suggested that design-by-committee decisions and a lack of cohesion marred the overall experience.

As Xbox Game Pass continues to evolve with these fresh additions, it's important to note that several titles will be departing the service on September 30. If you've grown fond of any of these departing games, you'll have the opportunity to purchase them at a 20% discount.

Stay tuned to Xbox Game Pass for a dynamic gaming experience that caters to both new arrivals and established favorites.

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