Building an Epic Starfield Star Destroyer: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Starfield, a player has impressively built an enormous Imperial Star Destroyer using mods, sharing a detailed 21-page guide for PC users. Other creative ships have also emerged, making waves in the gaming community.

Starfield enthusiasts have wasted no time in embracing their inner Star Wars fanatics by creating their beloved spaceships within the game. However, one ambitious player has taken this passion to the next level, constructing a colossal Imperial Star Destroyer in-game. The endeavor is so monumental that it comes complete with a comprehensive 21-page guide for those daring enough to replicate it.

Originally shared on the Starfield subreddit, this impressive feat was accomplished by master shipbuilder Jackygold. It's worth noting that this behemoth of a spaceship can only be recreated on a PC, as it relies on several mods to bring it to life. The sheer size of the Star Destroyer pushed the creator's PC to its limits, causing severe lag. As a cautionary note, they advise against attempting this build if your computer is already struggling to run Starfield, as it may render your game unplayable. It's almost like an Imperial Starfield Destroyer!

What's perhaps even more astounding is the meticulously crafted 21-page guide provided by Jackygold, offering a step-by-step blueprint for aspiring builders. The key mods required for this epic undertaking are Ship Builder Unrestricted (which liberates you from ship size restrictions), Shipyards Unlocked (providing access to every ship part from the vendor), and Ship Builder Tweaks (allowing for closer part placement). Links to these essential mods can be found within Jackygold's comprehensive guide.

Despite Starfield being officially released for only a few days, players have already demonstrated their boundless creativity by designing and redesigning various spacecraft. Notably, a locomotive enthusiast ingeniously transformed the game into a homage to childhood icon Thomas The Tank Engine. Prior to that, dedicated Bethesda fans were hard at work replicating their cherished spacecraft from franchises like Halo and Star Wars, with the iconic Millennium Falcon being recreated within hours of the game's launch.

For those just embarking on their Starfield journey, our Starfield ship customization guide is an excellent starting point. After all, tackling the construction of the Star Destroyer is a monumental task that requires careful planning and the right tools.

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