Apple's Response to Radiation Concerns: iPhone 12 Software Update

Apple responds to French regulators radiation concerns about iPhone 12 with a software update. Belgium and Denmark show no worries. Gaming news highlights Spider-Man 2s expansion. Metas Super Rumble game debuts on mobile. Cherlynn discusses iPhone 15, and Dysons Zone air filter mask reviewed.

Apple is preparing a software update for its three-year-old iPhone 12s in response to allegations from French regulators that the phone exceeds permissible radiation levels. Following the recommendations of France's radiation watchdog (ANFR), the country had halted sales of the smartphone.

The forthcoming software update, however, will not directly modify radiation levels but will instead "accommodate the protocol used by French regulators." The exact technical details of this accommodation remain somewhat unclear. Nevertheless, Apple is confident that this software patch will enable the iPhone 12s to pass future radiation tests successfully. The company has expressed its anticipation that the iPhone 12 will continue to be available in France.

Interestingly, Belgium and Denmark do not share the same concerns as France. Belgian Minister for Digitalization, Mathieu Michel, reported that local tests had provided reassuring results and advised against suspending sales. Denmark's Safety Authority likewise expressed no apprehension regarding the radiation levels of the iPhone 12.

In other news:

The world's first party-based RPG is in line for a significant facelift.

While Apple may not be perfect on environmental issues, it remains ahead of its competitors.

The best gaming mouse of 2023 has been revealed.

Amazon's Echo Pop smart speaker is now available for just $23.

Our spin-off video series continues to feature Mat and his unique content, including iPhone 15, the revival of movie rentals, and Sony's Aibo dogs getting a second chance.

In the realm of gaming, Engadget's Nathan Ingraham had the opportunity to play two hours of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 at a recent press event. His experience indicated that the sequel's approach to outdoing a well-received open-world game is to go bigger. This mirrors the strategy employed by Sony's roster of development teams for titles such as The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War.

The game's depiction of New York is nearly twice the size of the original, now including Brooklyn and Queens. To accommodate this expansive world, developer Insomniac introduced web wings, a tool for gliding around the city. Players can harness wind tunnels and updrafts to travel at high speeds. It's important to note that web wings are not intended to replace the core web-slinging mechanic but rather enhance it. This addition capitalizes on the trend in video games where gliding has become analogous to having a horse for mobility.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has unveiled Super Rumble, the first game from its in-house studio, Ouro Interactive. The game is currently available to a limited number of Android users through the Meta Quest app and will soon arrive on iOS devices. When Meta launched the first-person shooter, it promised that Super Rumble would be one of the first worlds accessible through its new app, featuring cross-platform play across mobile devices, the web, and VR headsets.

Additionally, this week, Cherlynn provides on-the-ground insights from Apple's iPhone 15 launch event. Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro boasts a titanium case that is noticeably lighter, likely a deliberate design choice. Engadget's Malak Saleh joins in to discuss her review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Dyson's unique Zone air filter mask/headphones.

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