Apple's Next iPad Air: What to Expect in the 2023 Refresh

The rumored sixth-generation iPad Air, expected in October 2023, is set to be the sole iPad update for the year. Apple's previous iPad Air update in March 2022 introduced the M1 chip and other enhancements. The specifics of the new iPad Air remain undisclosed, but it's anticipated to feature improvements such as the M2 chip, a potential Thunderbolt port, Apple Pencil hover functionality, and expanded color options. The starting price for the iPad Air is $599 for the 64GB storage model in the United States.

The sixth-generation iPad Air is anticipated to make its debut in October as the sole iPad update for 2023, according to a credible rumor circulating on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The post affirms, "Only the iPad Air series should be updated this year," and further specifies that the product refresh is slated for October, with "no mini and Pro this year." The information comes from a source known for reliably disclosing accurate details regarding Apple's plans.

On the recent episode of The MacRumors Show podcast, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman mentioned the existence of a new iPad Air with enhanced specifications, suggesting that the device is on the horizon and likely to be unveiled in October. It's worth noting that this rumor surfaced on Weibo prior to Gurman's comments.

Gurman, while speculating on a potential Apple product launch in October, expressed doubts about a full-fledged event for introducing new devices. He drew a parallel to the earlier announcements of the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models, which were introduced via a press release and a brief video. Gurman implied that October might witness a similar approach, saying, "I'm not sure they have enough to drag people down to Cupertino to watch the video like they do for this [iPhone 15] launch."

Apple's most recent update to the iPad Air was in March 2022, featuring the M1 chip, an upgraded 12-megapixel front camera with Center Stage support, a faster USB-C port, 5G compatibility in cellular models, and new color choices. While the specific enhancements in the next-generation iPad Air remain undisclosed, possibilities include the adoption of the M2 chip, a Thunderbolt port akin to the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil hover functionality, and additional color alternatives. The starting price for the iPad Air in the United States is $599 for the 64GB storage variant.

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