Apple's Latest Tech Moves: USB-C Adoption, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch Series 9

Apples shift to USB-C, new AirPods Pro, and innovative Apple Watch Series 9 with hands-free gestures and extended Siri capabilities mark significant tech updates, catering to evolving user needs.

Apple's adoption of the USB-C charging port for its latest devices marks a shift in the tech giant's connectivity strategy. While this charging port boasts a proven track record for fast-charging smartphones, it does come with a caveat – your old cables may no longer be compatible. Unless, of course, you opt for Apple's £29 adapter dongle.

It's worth noting that several other Apple products, including the MacBook lineup, have already embraced the USB-C standard. This move aligns Apple more closely with the broader tech ecosystem, as USB-C is the go-to choice for most Android smartphones.

In addition to the charging port transition, Apple has unveiled the second generation of its popular wireless earphones, the AirPods Pro. These upgraded earbuds feature improved active noise cancellation, transparency modes, and a broader selection of ear tips for enhanced comfort. The AirPods Pro (second generation) are set to hit the shelves on September 22.

Apple Watch enthusiasts can look forward to the Series 9, which introduces innovative features driven by the all-new S9 microchip. One standout addition is the hands-free gesture known as the "double tap." By tapping their thumb and forefinger together twice, users can effortlessly answer calls, silence alarms, and control music playback without physical contact with the watch. This feat is achieved through an algorithm that detects subtle wrist movements and changes in blood flow associated with the double tap.

Apple's COO, Jeff Williams, touts the "double tap" as a game-changer for interacting with the Apple Watch, promising a seamless and convenient experience. Furthermore, the Series 9 smartwatch boasts an upgraded version of Siri, capable of accessing and logging health and fitness data even without an internet connection.

For those prone to misplacing their iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 9 incorporates an enhanced ultrawideband chip, ensuring more precise location tracking. All these features come with a commendable 18-hour battery life, making the latest Apple Watch a compelling choice for tech-savvy consumers.

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