Apple's iPhone 12 Faces Recall Threat Over Radiation Concerns

Amid the iPhone 15 launch, Apple faced controversy as France considered an iPhone 12 recall over alleged radiation issues. Apple denied awareness but faced scrutiny from other European countries.

In conjunction with the unveiling of the iPhone 15, Apple found itself grappling with another issue as news emerged that France was planning to instigate a recall of the iPhone 12 due to alleged radiation levels surpassing recommended thresholds. Despite Apple vehemently refuting these allegations, reports suggest that the company may have been aware of these concerns and instructed its employees to remain tight-lipped when questioned.

A French regulatory authority had previously asserted that the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 exceeded permissible radiation exposure limits. To continue selling the device in the French market, the country's telecommunications minister cautioned Apple to release a software update aimed at reducing emitted radiation. Failure to do so could result in the discontinuation of the model in the region. Apple has maintained that, like all its products, the iPhone 12 series underwent rigorous safety testing prior to its commercial launch.

However, Bloomberg has reported that Apple might have possessed prior knowledge of the potential risks associated with the iPhone 12 and instructed its employees to deflect inquiries. Workers were allegedly advised to respond with, 'We have nothing to share,' and to reject requests for replacements or returns outside the initial two-week purchase window. Following France's decision, Belgium is now evaluating the potential health risks posed by the iPhone 12, and an official verdict is expected soon.

The concerns surrounding iPhone 12 radiation levels have also caught the attention of consumer rights groups in other European countries such as Spain and Germany. These nations have yet to render their judgments on the matter. It remains unclear whether these safety assessments will extend to the iPhone 15 lineup, which is set to begin pre-orders in the coming hours. We can anticipate the outcomes of these deliberations shortly.

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