Android 14 QPR1 Beta Unveils Battery Charge Cycle Counts for Pixel Phones

Googles Android 14 QPR1 beta introduces battery charge cycle counts on Pixel phones, allowing users to view battery age and history. Apple made a similar move in iOS 17 for the iPhone 15 series, likely in response to iPhone 14 battery issues. The features availability on all Android devices remains uncertain, but it is confirmed for Pixels.

Google has just rolled out the initial beta version of Android 14 QPR1, unveiling significant improvements, including support for monitoring battery charge cycle counts specifically tailored to Pixel smartphones. In the "Settings" menu under "About Phone," a fresh "Battery Information" section makes its debut on Google Pixel devices, offering valuable insights into battery-related details. This section discloses essential battery information such as the battery's manufacturing date and the count of charge cycles it has undergone.

This addition empowers users to gauge their battery's age and usage history, though it lacks the easily accessible "battery health" or maximum capacity statistics that many users desire. It's noteworthy that Apple introduced support for battery cycle counts in iOS 17 for the iPhone 15 series, potentially in response to widespread battery concerns with the iPhone 14 series.

While we anticipate Google expanding on battery information in future Android updates, this marks a commendable initial stride. The potential availability of this feature on all Android devices remains uncertain, but it is confirmed for Pixel devices.

Our team is actively exploring the Android 14 QPR1 beta to uncover all its new features. If you come across something we haven't covered yet, please feel free to reach out to us via email, social media, or the comments section below.

This article was authored with contributions from Abner Li and Dylan Roussel.

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