Amazon's Latest Kid-Friendly Devices and Alexa's Child-Safe Chatbot: What to Expect in 2023

Amazon unveiled kid-friendly devices, including Echo Pop Kids and Fire Kids tablets. Explore With Alexa offers safe, educational interactions for children, enhancing Amazons 2023 Devices event.

Amazon showcased its commitment to enhancing Alexa's conversational abilities, harnessing the power of its new large language model at its annual hardware event. The tech giant emphasized how effortless it will soon be to engage in natural-sounding conversations with the AI bot. This development extends to the younger generation with the introduction of "Explore With Alexa," a kid-friendly version of the updated chatbot that focuses on topics like animals and nature. It even offers trivia games and daily fun facts for children.

To ensure child safety, Amazon has incorporated safeguards to shield them from potentially harmful online content. The company plans to launch Explore With Alexa before the holiday season, with intentions to expand its repertoire beyond the initial themes of animals and nature.

In tandem with this Alexa innovation, Amazon is unveiling a range of kid-friendly devices. Among them is the Echo Pop Kids, a smart speaker designed with younger family members in mind. It comes in two versions tailored to gender preferences, featuring Avengers and Disney princess themes. The Avengers edition provides interesting insights into Earth's mightiest heroes, while the Disney princess model delves into the stories of characters like Mulan and Cinderella. Priced at $50, the Echo Pop Kids includes six months of Amazon's Kids+ subscription service and is set to ship next month, with pre-orders starting today.

Additionally, Amazon is introducing two new tablets: the Fire Kids tablet for younger children and the Fire Kids Pro targeting older kids. These 10-inch tablets boast a 25% boost in processing speed compared to the previous generation, along with 1080p FHD screens, 3GB of RAM, and access to a curated collection of kid-centric apps. Each tablet is priced at $190 and comes bundled with a year's subscription to Amazon's Kids+ service. Furthermore, they come with a two-year warranty that covers common accidental mishaps parents often encounter. Pre-orders for these tablets are available today, with shipments commencing next month.

Both tablets feature Amazon's Play Together feature, granting kids access to online multiplayer games, with nearly a dozen upcoming titles. Additionally, there's an app named Music Maker that allows children to experiment with composing by blending instruments and sound effects with the assistance of AI, all through touch.

Amazon's 2023 Devices event promises a slew of exciting developments, making technology more accessible and engaging for children.

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