1Password Embraces iOS 17: Introducing Passwordless Passkey Support

1Password introduces passkey support on iOS 17, aligning with the FIDO Alliances passwordless authentication trend. This innovative update enhances security and convenience for users.

1Password recently unveiled its plans to introduce passkey support to its iOS app, capitalizing on the capabilities offered by iOS 17, which permits third-party applications to harness the innovative passwordless sign-in approach. Now that iOS 17 has made its way to the general public, 1Password is launching the anticipated update, extending passkey support to iPhone and iPad users.

The journey toward passkey adoption commenced with iOS 16, where users gained the capability to generate and safeguard passkeys using Safari and iCloud Keychain. With the advent of iOS 17, this functionality is now being extended to third-party applications. Leading the way, 1Password, a renowned password management solution, has announced its support for passkeys in its iOS app.

Steve Won, Chief Product Officer of 1Password, stated, "Passkeys represent the pinnacle of passwordless authentication, striking a harmonious balance between security and user convenience. 1Password is steadfast in its commitment to empower businesses and consumers alike to embrace this cutting-edge technology." Notably, this summer, Google, TikTok, and GitHub also introduced passkey capabilities, offering billions of individuals worldwide the opportunity to embrace this exciting advancement.

1Password's latest feature set empowers users to seamlessly manage and utilize passkeys across mobile applications and browser extensions, streamline credential organization, receive passkey alerts through Watchtower for enhanced security, securely share passkeys, and tailor business policies to specific requirements. In the near future, 1Password users will even be able to unlock their password vaults using a passkey.

To leverage passkeys with 1Password, it's imperative to ensure that your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 17. You can readily access 1Password for free on the App Store, though certain advanced features may necessitate a paid subscription.

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